Donalda MacBeath (’75), President, Acadia Alumni Association


Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion makes us all stronger

Acadia alumni form a very rich and culturally diverse community. We as an Association benefit from and are much stronger for the shared knowledge and wisdom that our alumni have and represent. We are justifiably proud to have Acadia family members represented in more than 60 countries around the world, all living in very different circumstances and each with a unique story to tell. There is much to draw upon and a great deal to learn as we continue to cultivate experiences and grow collectively. The Acadia Alumni Association strives to support equity, diversity and inclusion in our work, and we know there is much that needs to be done to enshrine these important objectives. That work starts with the composition of our Board and carries through to our strategic planning and the many initiatives and programs we endorse, both on and off the Acadia campus. We foster an environment founded on mutual respect and dignity that embraces differing points of view, ethnicity, gender and culture. In this issue of the Bulletin, we offered members of our alumni and on-campus communities the opportunity to examine some of the important issues the world is focused on today, including Truth and Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter, disability/accessibility, and support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We greatly appreciate the willingness of our constituents to share their stories and experiences with us. We all benefit from inclusive, equitable and respectful relationships, and the Acadia Alumni Association looks forward to continuing to support initiatives that strengthen and enhance these relationships for the benefit of all Acadia alumni, students, faculty and staff. As we return to more in-person events and activities, we will look to build on the many successes that have accrued during the pandemic when we launched new and creative ways to reach out and connect with our graduates. Moving forward, three directives in our strategic plan will govern our efforts: provide leadership in the transformation of career services and mentorship for Acadia’s students, our future alumni; create impact throughout the Acadia journey from student to alumni; and build upon the success of our alumni communications. In closing, I would like to thank our alumni community for its unflagging interest in the University and willingness to support the work of the Alumni Association. It is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy this digital version of the Bulletin. Be well and stay safe!

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